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It’s organised by the Capital Collective with the aim of rejuvenating Pretoria’s inner city and making it a space where everyone feels welcome.The Market-at-the-sheds takes place on the last Saturday of the month from 9am to 4pm and pops up in venues around the city. Just 20 minutes from Pretoria central find this haven for bibliophiles.This Saturday it will be held at the old Pretoria Fire station. Check here for the updates about the next pop-up market. They sell well-priced new books and very affordable second hand ones on a wide range of topics. The Camera Obscura (precursor to the modern camera) at Pretoria University is a marvelous invention allowing you to view the whole of Pretoria in turn as you change the direction of the lenses and the view is projected in a darkened room.If you’re lucky handsome feline Agatha Panther will be there to greet you. Their white chocolate macadamia ‘blondie’ brownies are an institution. You’ll even be able to see birds and people scurrying around.Entrance: Free but you are encouraged to place a donation in the Science-Enza Vortex Donation Exhibit.

We discover 30 affordable, free and fun things to do in Pretoria, a city known for more than jacaranda blossoms and the blue train.

Various guided horse trails are also available with a minimum of 4 horses and a maximum of 6 horses (pony trails for children also available).

Though generally safe exercise caution when running or cycling alone and don’t leave valuables in your car.

They are also open 2 Saturdays a month for specific educational projects.

The viewing of the Camera Obscura falls under Sci-Enza.

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You will be accompanied to the Camera Obscura from 11h00 – 15h00.

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